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Our Technology

Extending our endurance.

Zero emissions.

Cost-effective solutions.

Brought together by our dynamic and clean technology.

Ocean Water
Digital Maze


Our vehicle size allow us to manufacture en masse, tailor our vehicles to your needs and map our seas the right way.



Sunset on Solar Panels


A Fuel Cell and battery-focused power system mean that, yes, we are fully electric. Putting the renewables in offshore to fuel the offshore renewables

Brain Illustration


A fully autonomous system. Mission planning, navigation, obstacle avoidance and data analysis - all done together, without the need for intervention.

Fuel Cell Capability

Onboard fuel cell-battery integration allows our vehicles to continue their missions, uninterrupted by the need to be recharged every day.

Fuel Cell and battery integration grants us the ability to provide continuous, hybrid power for low demands whilst having energy for rapid usage too, e.g. the sensor technology onboard.

Our AUVs are powered by Hydrogen fuel,

so that means zero-emissions.

Ease of operation and lower maintenance requirements are displayed by a 10-minute refueling period.

Scalable, reliable and cost-efficient.

Buoyancy Engine

Leveraging the draw-and-expulsion of seawater to alter the Centre of Mass and propel our vehicle.

Very low power is drawn from operating our gliding systems.

More energy is available for our crucial sensor suite.

Low energy input, great mechanical output.

Gliding technology proved to keep AUVs at sea for over a year.

You asked for endurance, here it is.

No noise.

No emissions.

No disturbance to our oceans' inhabitants.

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