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At InX Tech, we are driven by our passion for the deep sea and technology.

Our team, consisting of a unique blend of experience and passion, is committed to pushing the boundaries of deep-sea tech.

We specialize in autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), developing cost-effective and innovative solutions for their wide range of uses.


With our cutting-edge technology and connections to industry professionals and experienced professors, InX Tech is the perfect partner for anyone wanting to explore or survey the wonders of the deep sea.


Our Journey

The journey of a start-up founder in the deep sea tech space is one of innovation, risk-taking, and problem-solving. In 2020, the founder of InX Tech, Aryan Shah, as the host of 'the Earth-Sci Show' Podcast, spoke to a blue tech CEO to discuss their mutual interest in seafloor mapping and data acquisition and the problems surrounding these.

Through this conversation, it became apparent that there was a need for urgent and significant innovation to address this challenge.

As an incoming student, Aryan identified a gap in the research on autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) and underwater technology at Imperial College London. He decided to start InX Tech and leverage the university's resources, network, and industry connections to build and develop the AUVs that would revolutionize ocean exploration and have a real impact.

Today, InX comprises of exceptional problem solvers from a wide variety of backgrounds including Geophysics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and more.


Partnered with experienced mentors, industry experts, and being a part of two climate startup accelerators, InX is developing the next generation of AUVs that will revolutionize ocean exploration by rapidly prototyping, innovating and growing exponentially.


Exponential Change is Here.

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