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Your next survey made possible by Fuel(ly) electric vehicles.
InX Tech designs and builds long-endurance autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) for sustained ocean data collection.
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Long-range power system grants up to months of unmanned survey operation over large areas.

No need for nearby support vessels.

More focus on the data that matters and its delivery to you.

85% lower operational costs than current surveys

Easy access launch:
any coastline 

Reliable and high quality data delivered

Offshore surveys without the need for a close-by support vessel to reduce your costs and save time.

Join us, and we'll show you how we plan to disrupt this space.

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InX Tech is pioneering the next generation of high endurance, zero-emissions AUVs by combining long-range gliding systems with the high power capacity of Fuel Cells.





"Stephen Hawking always said to look up at the stars and never at your feet, but I beg to differ."


 - Aryan Shah, Founder and CEO of InX Tech 

About InX Tech

InX Tech is a deep tech startup dedicated to pioneering the next generation of AUVs and making ocean exploration sustainable and accessible to everyone.

Bleeding Edge Technology

InX Tech is developing technology that will disrupt the ocean robotics industry

Our expertise and drive for exponential innovation separate us from our competitors.

the team

InX Tech brings together an extraordinary blend of Imperial College students, professors and industry experts to revolutionize our innovative ocean technology. 

The industry

Find out more about the AUV industry and the potential applications for our vehicles.

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