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Are you as moved by innovative Tech as we are? Do you have a burning passion to explore the unexplored?
If yes, you're in the right place.

About InX Tech

InX Tech is a startup focused on deep sea exploration and surveys. We specialize in AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) technology, which allows us to explore the depths of the ocean and collect data for our clients.  We are dedicated to revolutionizing deep sea exploration and making it accessible to everyone and sustainable.

Bleeding Edge Technology

InX Tech is developing technology that will revolutionize the AUV Industry.

Our expertise and innovation separate us from the competition

the team

Welcome to InX Tech, the cutting-edge start-up bringing together an extraordinary blend of Imperial College students, professors and industry experts to revolutionize deep sea technology. 

Learn more about the Team.

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The industry

Find out more about the AUV industry and the potential applications for our AUVs

Propelled by Fuel Cell power and our buoyancy engine to achieve long endurance missions. Learn more on our Technology page

Digital Maze


Our vehicle size allow us to manufacture en masse, tailor our vehicles to your needs and map our seas the right way.



Sillouette of Wind Turbine


A Fuel Cell and battery-focused power system means that, yes, we are fully electric. Putting the renewables in offshore to fuel the offshore renewables

Brain Illustration


A fully autonomous system. Mission planning, navigation, obstacle avoidance and data analysis - all done autonomously

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